Hors D'oeuvres Up! Clever little ways to serve up veggies

Beautiful organic veggies from  Tap Root Farm ! 

Beautiful organic veggies from Tap Root Farm

Julia Child once said that it's fine to serve sliced vegetables as appetizers as long as your guests are lil bunny-wunnies (we may be paraphrasing here). While Mrs. Child may have been a maiden of meat, we can't deny that your guests deserve more hors d'oeuvres imagination than a tray of baby carrots and celery sticks - those are for eating at your desk while doing your menu planning. Here are some lovely ways to serve veggies that won't leave your guests feeling hare-brained: instead of providing the lumber, go ahead and assemble a whole house...

- As an alternative to carrots and dip, julienne the carrots and tuck inside of a rice paper summer roll along with some thinly sliced cukes, red bell pepper, cilantro and mint, smeared with a dip of your choice (we like peanut sauce!). 

- Cut pitas pizza-style and fill with hummus, sprouts, and kalamata olives; pin with a sprig of rosemary 

- Cucumber cups! Slice cukes into 2" rounds, skin on. Scoop out the middle of each cucumber round, leaving a little bit at the bottom so filling doesn't fall out. Mash up avocado and fold in diced tomato, a little sliced red onion, loose corn kernels, salt and lemon juice. Fill each cuke and nosh. 

The nice thing about fresh veggies is that you can prepare them a bit ahead of time, so they're great to serve at a party when you have a lot to do day-of. 

And if you need 'em prepared for you, you know where to find us! 

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