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A vegan catering company and a sweet little restaurant in South Philadelphia, home to pre-fixe dinners and private parties. Public dinners are most often on Friday and Saturday evenings. BYOB always.

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Rosh Hashana 2018 Dishes

A la carte options for pickup at the Pantry on Saturday, september 8 from 10 am to 4 pm

Order deadline: september 4 at midnight


Thick-Sliced Roasted Seitan + Truffle Gravy - 4 servings

One tray of slow-cooked tender and juicy seitan, roasted with fresh sage, rosemary, garlic and black pepper.

INCLUDES - 1 pint of truffled shiitake gravy to pour over top.

Approximately 4 servings. 

Nut free. Contains gluten.

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Jewish Apple Cake Loaf

A sweet treat! Jewish apple cake loaf with a little brown sugar and cinnamon on top.

1 loaf = 6-8 slices.

Contains gluten. Nut free.

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Sweet + Savory Noodle Kugel - 4 servings

Sweet and savory noodle kugel with thyme, apples and caramelized onions in a cheesy custardy sauce.

Approx 4 servings.

Contains nuts and gluten.

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Matzo Ball Soup - Quart

One quart of matzo ball soup - 6 matzo balls in an herby broth with carrots, celery, dill and parsley.

2-4 servings.

Contains nuts and wheat!

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