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A vegan catering company and a sweet little storefront/kitchen in South Philadelphia, home to cooking classes and public and private BYOB dinner (and brunch!) parties around one big tablePublic dinners are most often on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Our kitchen is kosher



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rosh hashana 2016 - pickup Friday, september 30, Saturday October 1 & Sunday October 2 ... deadline midnight wednesday September 28. 

A la carte options for a sweet new year! 

Pickup Hours: Friday 8 am - 6 pm

                      Saturday & Sunday  9 am - 3 pm 

We are not currently offering delivery for Rosh Hashana items, but should you need it, we work with a lovely courier company that can bicycle your meals to you. Contact us for a quote!  

Quart of Matzo Ball Soup

Our vegan matzo ball soup! 2-3 servings, includes 6 matzo balls, carrots, celery, onions and dill in a rich broth. Contains nuts.

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Pot Roast Seitan Entree

Roasted pot roast-style seitan with thyme, big carrots, potatoes and mushrooms. 3-4 serving tray. 


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Apricot Glazed Tempeh Entree

Apricot glazed tempeh with roasted garlic and rosemary and caramelized brussels sprouts.  3-4 servings.

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Braided challah

Our homemade eggless braided challah! 

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