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A vegan catering company and a sweet little restaurant in South Philadelphia, home to prix fixe dinners and private parties. Public dinners are most often on Friday and Saturday evenings. BYOB always.

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To market, to market!

Hi! It's Sochi, your friendly neighborhood Meals at Home Coordinator here! I stopped by the pantry this morning and I couldn't help but snap a few shots of the loveliness I found there.

Some of what you may encounter on your next trip for a VeganStickyBun! This is a total destination for drop dead serious sweeties!

(The treats + the ladies of the pantry, too!)


Carley Leibowitz: Pastry Chef extraordinaire!

Mister Sister Fudge


Miss Sally Madden's sweet illustrated cards! She's a talented local artist and our Market Manager!

Spreadable Cashew pub cheese?! Yes Please!

And fresh flowers take the cake! You've really out done yourselves, ladies!

Our Winter Solstice celebration

Winter Solstice, which this past year fell on December 21st, is the day when the sun appears at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon - the shortest day of sunlight of the year. The Solstice also marks the first official day of winter (although BRRR it feels like it's been winter for weeks now!). Since ancient times, cultures around the world have celebrated the Solstice as a time of rebirth and new beginnings. 

This year, we decided to celebrate with a special Farmhouse Table Dinner at the Pantry. Of course, all of our dinners here are special, but we knew we wanted to go all out for this one! Winter can be a long and dreary season, and we think there's no better way to combat the blues than with good food and drink, served to friends old and new, around a shared table. 

We were very excited to partner with Art In The Age, a very cool local company that makes highly original craft spirits unlike anything you've ever tasted. Using whole and organic ingredients, they have developed a line of liqueurs in imaginative flavors like Root (an old school, real root beer flavor) and Rhubarb Tea (so fresh and springy and pink!). We decided to go with Snap, which is perfectly seasonal with its flavor profile based on traditional Pennsylvania Dutch ginger snap cookies. Don't be confused: while this booze may be based on cookies, it is NOT like super sweet fake flavored vodka or anything of that sort. 

We mixed the delicious Snap into warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks and meyer lemons, and our guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails before dinner. What a lovely way to start a meal!

And while we always cook with an eye to the season, for the Solstice dinner menu, we decided to focus extra intensely on local, seasonal produce.

Happy Gifting

  photo by  Kristin Ladstrom  

photo by Kristin Ladstrom 

Really, is there any better feeling than giving gifts? It's awesome to see your loved ones' eyes light up as they tear the paper and ribbons away to reveal special somethings that you've picked out just for them.

When it comes to holiday shopping, the excitement can quickly turn overwhelming and stressful. We say boo to that! Here are our picks for perfect presents, favoring the local over the big box chain stores; the small-batch instead of the mass-produced, and of course, the cruelty-free and conscientious choices always.

Naturally (and here comes the shameless self-promo) we think one of the best gifts you could give (...or ask for!) is a gift certificate to Miss Rachel's Pantry! Available in any denomination, our gift certificates are applicable to our Farmhouse Table Dinners and our at-home meals

Other glorious gift suggestions we have:

sweet and sara snowflake.jpg

For the Food Lover

Sweet & Sara is a small but mighty confectionery based in Queen, NY, making delicious and 100% vegan marshmallows that we adore. For vegetarians who miss s'mores or marshmallows in their hot chocolate, Sweet & Sara makes a variety of flavors and shapes with that wonderfully familiar squishy texture that really hits the spot. Their online shop offers a wide variety of items, but we think the snowflake, reindeer and snowman shapes are adorable for the season!

Carley caramel corn.jpg

To further please the sweet-toothed sweeties in your life, Miss Rachel's Pantry offers a whole bunch of tasty treats for sale, made with love right here in our Philadelphia kitchen by pastry chef Carley Leibowitz! Call or email us to place your order - local delivery and pick up options available!

Vegan Caramel Corn: $12/sm, $20/family size

Vegan Candy: $15/1 lb, $35/5 lb (choose from buck eyes, maple walnut fudge, and classic chocolate and toasted coconut truffles)

Vegan Cookies: $20/1 lb box, $30/5 lb box, $50 party tray (flavors include chocolate chip, triple chocolate, peanut butter, snowballs, iced sugar, snickerdoodles, soft ginger, and more!)

For the Cute & Crafty

Occasionette is a charming boutique just down the way from our HQ on Passyunk Avenue. Owned and operated by Sara Sellepouchin Vallari, the artist behind the Girls Can Tell line, Occasionette carries an array of gifts, including recipe books and kitchen tchotchkes, adorable prints, candles, and greeting cards. They also have all of supplies (think striped paper straws, banners, and ornaments) you need to deck the halls. 

Bonus! They're offering free gift wrap (that you KNOW will be super cute) on December 9th and 16th, and are playing host to the Fair & Square pop up, which will include wares from locals Miss Millie Ceramics, Betsy Ann Paper, Giant Dwarf, and Squid Whale Designs!

Vintage vibes abound at Era Atomica, also on Passyunk Ave.: affordable kitchen wares, knick knacks, framed art, furniture and other 50s and 60s style ephemera line the walls and shelves at this cozy shop. Plus, around this time of year, they have loads of classic Christmas ornaments for sale - you know, the no-nonsense shiny balls and frosted tin figurines flecked with glitter - which will lend your tree a kitschy look we can't help but love. 



For the Animal Lover

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has long been one of our favorite animal-friendly organizations. Through their online shop, you can find all kinds of happy goods that express a sentiment of kindness for our furry,  feathered and hoofed friends. Books, t-shirts, greeting cards and memberships are all for sale, and the pun-lovers in us are really digging the "Eat Beans Not Beings" tote bags which would be grand for a spin around the farmer's market.  



For the Ethically Accessorized 

Since 1999, Couch has been making cruelty-free guitar straps and wallets for gals and guys out of new and vintage vinyl and seat belt material. Bold colors and textures, sleek silhouettes and hand-stitched detail make leather accessories a thing of the past. Their Etsy page is filled to the brim with perfect presents, sure to strike a chord with the musician in your life!