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A vegan catering company and a sweet little restaurant in South Philadelphia, home to prix fixe dinners and private parties. Public dinners are most often on Friday and Saturday evenings. BYOB always.

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Chanukah 2017 Offerings

A la carte options for pickup at the Pantry on Tuesday, December 12 from 10 am - 6 pm. 

Order deadline Friday, December 8 at midnight. 


Potato Salad - 4 Servings

Yukon gold potato salad with our house-made dijon mayo dressing, fresh herbs, and salt + pepper.

Serves 4. 

Nut and gluten free.


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Slow Braised BBQ Seitan - 4 Servings

Tender slow-braised seitan in a tangy (a little spicy, a little sweet) barbecue sauce. Somewhere between shredded and bite-sized pieces - perfect as an entree or piled on a sandwich bun. Very saucy.

4 servings.

Nut free. Contains gluten.

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Mac and Cheese - 4 Servings

Our infamous creamy mac and cheese with a rich cashew + coconut based cheesy sauce.

Serves 4. 

Contains nuts and gluten.

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Chickpea Tuna Salad - 1 quart

Chopped chickpea salad with carrots, celery, celery seed, and our house-made dijon mayo. Put a big scoop on top of salad or in a sandwich with lettuce and tomato for a summertime treat.

2-4 servings (1 quart)

Gluten free. Nut free.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies - 1 dozen

Chewy bite size cookies with giant chocolate chunks!

1 dozen.

Contains gluten. Nut free.

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Crab Cakes - 4 servings

Our hearts of palm crab-style cakes - a little bit fried this time around. Made with fresh herbs, bell peppers, and a healthy dose of Old Bay. Served in a tray with 8 cakes and some greens and a side of horseradish aioli.

 4 servings.

Contains gluten. Nut free.

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